Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration and Natural Area Restoration are terms used to describe systems of earth repair where degraded land is restored to its original state prior to disturbance .

This can be achieved using different methods and time frames depending on the characteristics of the site and the funds available.

It is difficult to estimate how long a site may take to restore, but the process is on-going and usually requires regular site maintenance to ensure that weeds do not re-infest, and that there are no other threats to the site like erosion, feral animal and livestock incursions.

Sites will require less human assistance as they become more self sustaining over time.

Tree Planting

Revegetation is where degraded areas are intensively replanted with natives that would have grown there originally. Some sites, such as paddocks, require complete revegetation with dense tree plantings using a mix of pioneer, secondary and mature phase species. Sites with some native vegetation may only require supplementary plantings to add diversity to the species that are germinating naturally. Each site is different and requires a different approach to restoration.

East Coast Bush Regeneration - Ecological Restoration