The Benefits of Bush Regeneration

The Benefits of Bush Regeneration   The Benefits of Bush Regeneration are many. Habitat for native wildlife is increased, water quality improves, weeds are stopped from spreading, and erosion is stabilised and reduced. The visual landscape is enhanced through ecological restoration when a paddock is transformed into rainforest, or where Camphor Laurel dominated forest is converted [...]

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Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration Ecological Restoration and Natural Area Restoration are terms used to describe systems of earth repair where degraded land is restored to its original state prior to disturbance . This can be achieved using different methods and time frames depending on the characteristics of the site and the funds available. It is difficult to [...]

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Weed Control

Weed Control Weed Control is an imperative part of ecological restoration. Knowing which plants are weeds and how to control them effectively is essential for successful restoration outcomes. Weed control needs to be done methodically, with initial primary work followed-up on a regular on-going basis. The amount of time required for primary and follow-up weed control will [...]

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Byron Bay

Byron Bay Byron Bay is situated on the North Coast of NSW. The coastal and hinterland areas contain some of the most biodiverse ecosystems in NSW, including several Endangered Ecological Communities. There are World Heritage sub-tropical rainforests, numerous creek and river systems, extensive coastal swamps and flood planes, as well as kilometres of coastline and dune [...]

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Subtropical Rainforest

Subtropical Rainforest Subtropical Rainforest was once widespread around the Byron Bay region with its rich volcanic soils and high rainfall. Cape Bay is the most easterly point of Australia, where the ocean and mountains converge. Winds coming off the ocean, laden with moisture from the warm ocean currents, produce rainfall when they hit the mountains. Byron Bay [...]

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