The care and improvement of natural environments is the core business of East Coast Bush Regeneration Pty Ltd.


This EMS is regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure the system is continually improved. It serves to provide a way of managing this company’s environmental affairs and impacts.

To this end our standard operating procedures give environmental care and protection the highest priority. We strive to improve environmental outcomes in all areas of our business by keeping up to date with training and new developments in natural area restoration and total environment protection.

Company personnel are made aware of all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements that govern our work, in particular the Queensland Environment Protection Act, 1994, and the Nature Conservation Act, 1992, plus the Federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999, and the Gold Coast City Council’s Nature Conservation Strategy, 2009.

Company personnel are regularly informed about general and site specific environmental issues relating to any work they carry out, and are encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions to help improve the company’s environmental performance, and reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Best practice work methods in natural area restoration are standard for our company, we aim to minimise negative environmental affects wherever possible.

All personnel are made aware of issues relating to riparian management, water quality, soil types and erosion. Where necessary ecological restoration techniques are modified to maintain creek bank stability and to limit possible erosion threats.

All personnel are qualified and experienced and follow best practice in regard to safe handling and application of chemical herbicides. New guidelines and innovations regarding herbicide use are brought to their attention where relevant. The use of the least toxic herbicides is company policy, and where possible herbicide use is avoided in favour of non-herbicide options such as hand weeding.

Any issues relating to the environment and the work we perform, that cause concern to any company personnel, management authorities, neighbours, or any member of the public, will be promptly addressed by company management. Serious environmental incidents will be addressed through the Company’s Environment Incident Reporting System. Where necessary; changes to company practices will be made to increase preparedness for, or avoid repeat of, such incidents. Relevant authorities will also be informed of any incidents where the company is legally obliged to do so.