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Working collaboratively since 2018

Since 2018 we have been contracting East Coast Bush Regeneration (ECBR) to implement all the koala corridor planting for Bangalow Koalas. Over this time, with there help and expertise we have planted over 50,000 trees. The ECBR crew are always efficient, professional and friendly and go out of their way to make sure that the planting are always completed with high quality outcomes. They’re passionate in their work to help secure positive outcomes not only for koalas but for the natural environment as well. We are very happy to recommend ECBR as a professional and trustworthy company who always strive to work hard for the environment.


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Ross Faithfull (Rossco) has been carrying out Ecological Restoration on our 42acre property for 5 years.

He has planted trees and treated weeds on a regular basis, and has been able to establish hundreds of native trees around our house and garden, and in cleared areas around the property. Regrowth bushland has received initial primary weed control and now get regular follow-up weed control,. Patches of Camphor Laurel forest are in the process of conversion to rainforest.

Our property was initially heavilly infested with weeds creating potentially dangerous erosion problems, but with Rossco’s help, the situation has been turned around, and we have noticed an increase in the number of species of birds and small mammals, as the canopy developes in the restoration areas.

The small rainforest remnant on our property is now weed free and expanding naturally, as weeds are removed and native trees germinate in the surrounding area. Rossco has identified many native trees, vines and shrubs, including threatened species such as Marblewood Acacia bakeri, and Coolamon Tree, Syzygium moorii, and has willingly shared his extensive knowledge about rainforest plants and regeneration techniques with us.

Control of serious invasive weeds such as Madiera Vine Anredera cordifolia which is a Weed of National Significance has been a priority, and Rossco has managed to control this and many other weeds. His knowledge of weed control techniques and the correct application of herbicides means he is able to control all weeds using the least toxic herbicides, as well with as non-herbicide methods of control.

The experience, knowledge and enthusiasm that Rossco has for restoration work has inspired us to become involved by growing our own rainforest trees from seed collected on our property, and to replace exotic plants in our garden with natives. We enjoy helping to maintain the plantings and regeneration areas.

It has been a pleasure to see the bushland on our property improving and becoming more suitable for native animals, and to see old paddocks covered with rainforest trees. We believe that ecological restoration adds environmental and economic value to our property.


Project manager | Cornell Holdings Pty Ltd

Ross Faithfull and his team from East Coast Bush Regeneration have been engaged since December 2011 by Cornell Holdings to carry out Ecological Restoration at the Fig Tree Fields site, at Ewingsdale near Byron Bay.

The work required extensive Bush Regeneration involving primary weed control over approximately 50 acres of bushland throughout the site, with on-going follow- up work at regular intervals. Many invasive weeds were treated, such as Camphor Laurel, Madiera Vine, Cat’s Claw Creeper, Climbing Asparagus, Ochna, and Wandering Jew.These weeds were all teated successfully during the primary work, with any new weed growth controlled during follow- up work. The areas of bushland are now weed free and regenerating naturally.

Also over 5000 trees have been planted on the site to provide habitat, screens and buffer zones.Each tree was watered thoroughly, fertilised, mulched and guarded where necessary from damage by wallaby browsing. Replacement trees will be planted where necessary. Regular weed control in the planted areas is occurring as per the regeneration areas, to ensure the planted trees become established.

East Coast Bush Regeneration have carried out the restoration work in a professional manner, using best practice techniques and safe work methods, with no workplace accidents or incidents. All necessary paperwork such as Work Health and Safety Policy, Job Safety Analysis, Daily Work Record Sheets including Herbicide Use Records, has been completed and provided at each stage of the work. All work has been completed on schedule and on, or under, estimated costs.

We would gladly recommend Rossco and his company East Coast Bush Regeneration to anyone who requires professional ecological restoration services.

Bertrand and Dianne Lalanne

I would not hesitate to recommend East Coast Bush Regeneration to any person, company or other organisation requiring their services in Ecological Restoration.

Guy Ruthven

We are very happy to recommend ECBR as a professional and trustworthy company who always strive to work hard for the environment.

Bangalow Koalas