Bush Regenerators

Bush Regenerators are people qualified in ecological restoration.

Ideally they will have a TAFE certificate in Bush Regeneration/Ecological Restoration, which is an industry specific qualification which prepares students (with hands on training) for work in this field.

Bush Regenerators should also have local training and experience and hold (where necessary) a current Chemical User Certificate for the application of herbicides and have public liability and personal accident or workers compensation insurance.

Experienced bush regenerators will have an extensive knowledge of native plants and their optimum growing requirements as well as of weeds and their control techniques, along with experience in preparing and implementing environmental management plans and restoration action plans.

A good bush regenerator will also have knowledge of native fauna species found in the Byron Bay region. They will happily share their knowledge and support clients who would like to become involved in restoration activities. Collecting seeds from trees on the property to grow for planting, or helping to control weeds, are examples of this.

Bush regenerators with previous experience in the local area, and in dealing with the weeds found on a site, are essential for successful ecological restoration outcomes. They should have all the tools and materials required to perform a range of restoration tasks on any site.

It takes people with commitment and dedication to the ideals of earth repair to work effectively in the bush, where different terrains and weather conditions, and a variety of hostile insects and prickly plants may all pose a challenge.

At East Coast Bush Regeneration we have just such people ready to restore your land.

East Coast Bush Regeneration - Bush Regenerators

Rossco Faithfull beneath Mount Warning, NSW